As a domestic documenter, the fertile home and its objects are the starting point for my work. In the seemingly predictable lab, I contemplate the cycle of wife-mother-elder and release the all-too-predictable visual constraints of domestic life through meditative, process-based pieces. I long to reclaim these stages as important through sanctification of remnants. Repetitive gestures are evident in washing, stitching and folding as they are interrupted by more modern forms.
I choose to suspend sentiment that is often paired with the domestic, yet also traverse a generational shift towards an art practice that embraces and honors modern technologies. The digital needle threads the past, honors the tenacity of my foremothers and greets a new generation. Quilts reference a time that has become neglected in our age of immediacy.

In my most recent work 
Acts of Contrition, the water element is the carrier of regrets and abandoned dreams, the little deaths. Biodegradeable paper floats and is then absorbed into lakes, rivers and Gulf. This work asks what occurs when water is fabric, emotion is pattern and memory is thread. Log Cabin, Double Wedding Ring and Windblown are chosen for their traditional quilt meanings: home/hearth, relationships, and the aerial view.

I choose not to discriminate between my
time spent as a Peri Natal Loss Doula or time in the studio. Translating experiences gives these cycles a visual form with the intention of transcending the personal. This is the heart of my object making.